School Officials, Staff & Parents/Guardians

This page is dedicated to informing school officials and parents of students and minors of the internal processes of Blowout Parties.
We fully abide by all applicable laws in the relevant states/regions.

Information for school officials:

At Blowout Parties, our policy is to be as co-operative with school officials as possible. We invite teachers, parents, school officials, principals etc... to contact us, either via email or inquiry form if there are any concerns about a particular function. Furthermore we invite parents and schools to attend events that they believe they may be able to help supervise. Contact us here, or email us at events .at.

It is our philosophy that students themselves will always venture to other venues and other facilities after school formal functions, and that quite often this involves consuming alcohol unsupervised in friends homes, in public parks, on beaches and in busy public areas. Students may attempt to gain entry to licensed venues with fake identification and be photographed consuming alcohol whilst underage.

We aim to eliminate these risks and provide kids with a safe, fun and legal alternative to have a party with their peers. We provide a safe, supervised, parentally approved, alcohol-free and legal opportunity for this. 

We are aware that it may not be in the interests of some high-school representatives/affiliates for there to be any sort of implication, link or otherwise that a certain night was connected or intended for the students of a certain school. If you represent a school from which a number of students happen to appear in some of the photos and if the "album name" on facebook happens to indicate affiliation with the school, Blowout is willing to remove any information linking the facebook "album" with the school upon request.

Information for parents:

Our number one concern is for the safety and security of your children.
Our goal is that they safely come back home happy with the function that they attended.
We understand that the functions go till late, but this is a necessity as they are mainly after-formal-parties and they rarely run past 3am.
This may be the last time they get to party with all their friends as high-schoolers.
While your child is at one of our functions, he/she may be under the supervision of a parent of one of the other guests, and will always be under the supervision of Blowout employees and licensed security staff.
No alcohol is supplied or sold to kids without them being over 18, however in 99.9% of cases there is no alcohol available or allowed to be bought in regardless of age.
After the party, we make sure that all guests know where to find a cab or we call one for them.
Anyone that is found to be overly intoxicated is ejected from the event, but also looked after by a paramedic until they are able to make their way home.
If you have any further concerns about the safety of your child, please don't hesitate to contact us via inquiry form or email.