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Formal After Party


MOST formal after party and/or party companies in Australia are run by some lame 40-year-old dudes who are just trying to scam kids for money. We throw after parties / formal posts / formal afters in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney.


We have taken on over 40 after-parties this year due to our fantastic reputation. We are quite busy now and soon we will be fully booked - if you would like some help with organising your after party or private function, contact us NOW.


Exclusive deals with venues, DJs and bars which mean everything is organised quickly and it's 2x cheaper than if you were to organise it yourself... (although Blowout will tailor your after party however you like to make it your very own)


Our number one priority is for the kids to have an awesome and memorable party, which is why I often spend the time and effort to book reputable and experienced DJs (Caucasians, Naysayer, etc...).

It's THE SAME reason why we have put together after parties for 150+ attendees with only 4 days notice before the actual formal without a second thought. We were not worried they wouldn't sell enough tickets... we just wanted to have one rockin' night they would never forget. 

IF YOU want Blowout to organise your own event or after party, or just want some help finding a venue, leave a message here.

Blowout will beat ANY other company on ticket price, and we will organise the venue, security, tickets, equipment, decorations, soundsystem, lighting, doorgirl, photographer, food, drinks and DJs. 

Blowout is an exclusive organisational team with contacts in every field of entertainment, meaning that we professionaly plan, organise, promote and host our own events. Blowout started as a mere house party back in 2009 in Melbourne. It has now grown to a team of over 30 people having run 50+ events. We specialise in both overage and underage functions. 

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