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industry strength laser hire equipment

Hire out equipment for your event or party

Amazing visuals for your event can make it fun - be sure to hire all your speakers, lighting and other equipment hire needs from here!

If you require ticket printing, either contact us or use our partner ticket printing company!

Blowout offers a huge range of equipment you can hire to suit your occasion:
- Speakers including up to 2KW systems and powerful subwoofers
- Lasers going up to Ibiza Super-Club lasers with huge scan-rates and a RGB (full) spectrum color
- Scanners are moving-head lights and can be set up to be controlled by a computer, as can the lasers
- Smoke Machines, varying in power are also available and go hand in hand with the lasers
- CO2 Cannons are amazing devices
- Strobe Light of varying killwat ratings
- UV Light, comes in cannon and tube form
- Silent Disco Equipment, pretty effing cool
- Oxygen Bars are not common at all
- LED lights work well in combination with other equipment
- Blinder (a very bring light) can be used on the drop of many electronic songs to intensify the effect
- VJ deck and computer to controll and coordinate all above mentioned equipment
- Pioneer CDJ1000 MK3 DJ decks
- DJM800 mixer
- Laptop Stands

Contact us if you would like to rent any or all of the above equipment for your formal afterparty, underage event, uni party or anything else.