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Terms & Conditions:

The terms Blowout Parties, Blowout House parties, and Blowout all refer to Blowout Parties.
The terms Event, function, party, night, when used in reasonable context all refer to the event that blowout parties has organised.
"Ticket" refers to a genuine document (with security features) issued to the host of the event by blowout parties. They are to be treated as legal tender and cannot be refunded if lost or stolen. This ticket grants you access to the event for which it was issued to the event host. The terms and conditions and instructions on both the front and back of the ticket must be adhered to otherwise the ticket will be deemed invalid.

You agree by your purchase of a ticket that photographs taken of you at the event will be posted online for advertising purposes.
However, Blowout will delete a photo UPON REQUEST FROM THE PICTURED INDIVIDUAL PROVIDED HE/SHE IS NOT BEING COERCED if the following criteria are met:
- The photo must contain you
- If you would not like knowledge your attendance of the night to be made public.
- If your religion forbids it
- if you are in a highly suggestive, distasteful position, or have others in the photo in a highly suggestive distasteful position.

Blowout DOES NOT ACCEPT "I look ugly" as an excuse, unless we confer that you do in fact look really ugly.

When requesting for a photo to be taken down, please provide the following:
Name, Your Facebook Account URL, Photo URL, Reason for deletion of photo.

You can submit your removal request by contacting us.

Blowout parties reserves the right to refuse entry to any patron.

1. You will not hold blowout parties liable for any injury or otherwise damage that occurs to you or your acquaintances at the event.
2. You agree to these terms and conditions by paying for a ticket.
3. Your information may be kept for marketing purposes, and possibly forwarded to a third party
4. You agree that photographs of you may be taken at the event and posted online to be available publicly. Our photo deletion policy above applies.
5. You agree not to attempt to smuggle in, or otherwise consume alcohol at or before the event regardless of your age. If you are caught doing so you will be ejected from the venue without a refund.


Refunds may be given in the event that a function does not go ahead. Dissatisfaction with an event may be addressed to our directors via email. If your party doesn't turn out the way you want it to, Blowout may organise a complimentary event for you and your friends later in the year. Rude and slanderous behaviour towards staff and the company will void any possibility of refunds or complimentary events being held.